About the company


Johnsons of Whixley is one of the longest established and largest commercial nursery businesses in Europe and is the largest supplier to the amenity sector in the UK.

A family business, we have a highly developed approach to plant production and seven production sites in Yorkshire producing and supplying millions of plants of exceptional quality, including more specimen plants than any other grower in the UK. To our own growing capabilities we add production contract-grown for us under our own quality control regime at specialist partner nurseries in mainland Europe. This scale of production delivers both economies of scale and consistency of quality - so it is not surprising that our plants are specified or used by leading landscape architects, garden designers and landscape contractors throughout the UK - and are also enjoyed by private gardeners everywhere.

Behind this huge-scale production lie business and logistics systems which are designed to offer customer benefits at every stage and are widely acknowledged as being second to none in our industry. We operate a fully accredited ISO 9001 quality system and have an Environmental Management System that is certified as complying with ISO 14001. Underpinning it all are many long-serving staff occupying senior roles within the business.

Above all, the people at Johnsons believe in long term relationships and active co-operation with both suppliers and customers, as well as other businesses in the horticultural industry. We have found that working together almost always produces better results for everyone.

If you'd like to know more, browse through this web site or, better still, get in touch and come and see us.